JACK HAYES - Lead Guitar / Vocals
After taking lessons for just a couple of years as a young child, Jack developed as a self taught rock and blues guitarist.  His benchmark for his distinctive style of guitar playing reaches back to the innovative blues and rock solo's of Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix during the late 60's.  Other inspirations for him were the Beatles, the Byrds, the Yardbirds, the Moody Blues, and Jethro Tull. Driven by these inspirations, he played in several bands as a teenager, but quit playing at the age of 19 to pursue other interests.
In the late 90's, after putting together an impromptu band for his high school reunion, Jack decided that he had more playing (on a live performance level) left in his blood, and shortly thereafter formed the band Stratus Phear. In the years that things came together with Stratus Phear, Jack has developed his unique blend of rhythmic, soulful, and bluesy manner of playing to culminate in a style totally suited to the music that Stratus Phear plays today. Jack is very grateful to have become acquainted with Mike, Elvie, Bob, and Janelle. He is now having a great time playing rockin' music with them.
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Janelle has been singing ever since she was a young girl.  Throughout school she was active in choir and performance.  After school she started performing professionally in a band and recording vocals for other various projects in Boise, Idaho.

She recently re-located to New Mexico  to focus on music with her father whom is the guitarist in their duo.  Since joining Stratus Phear, she now enjoys performing the classic rock favorites she grew up listening to.
Bob Aitchison, who was born in Mississippi, is no newcomer to the music scene and playing professionally in bands. Of the 45 years he has been playing drums, 20 of those years he has played in popular Albuquerque bands such as "Big Blonde", "Hot Cherry", "8 Track", and "Shindig".

The greatest influence in Bob's musical career has been the Beatles, his favorite drummer is Buddy Rich,  and he has always loved watching Bruce Springsteen play live. Stratus Phear is delighted to have Bob in the band, and honored to be playing with such an  accomplished and experienced drummer.
MIKE LINDEN - Keyboard/Vocals/Guitar

A native New Yorker from Long Island, Mike began playing in rock n roll bands while still in junior high school. He took guitar lessons at the age of 12 for a few years and later self-taught himself to play keyboards. Mike’s other musical interests outside the band include being a performing, singer-songwriter. In the last several years, he has written and produced 3 CDs of original music, sometimes playing all the instruments on the song. He brings to Stratus Phear his experience and love of rock, blues, folk-rock, and alternative rock, especially the sounds of the 1960’s and 70’s.
Hypatia - Bass Guitar

Hypatia recently moved to Albuquerque after spending five years in Nashville, Tennessee, where she has performed and recorded with many local and international acts. Before moving to Nashville, Hypatia won the CAMMIE (Chico Area Music Award) for best bass player; an award voted on by local pop culture magazine readers, music fans, and the community. She enjoys creating original compositions as much as performing covers and looks forward to a fun and prosperous music career here, in Albuquerque, NM.